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The Russian Ballet School

100 Sheppard Ave E, Unit 140
North York, ON M2N 6N5

Entrance is from the back of the building (from Kenneth Ave) through the loading dock.

Paid visitor parking is available at 100 Sheppard Ave E (underground) from the side of the building) or at 110 Sheppard Ave E (ground level).

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+1 (647) 268-5400


For inquiries related prorated tuitions, financing and studio rentals.

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Paid Parking at 100 and 110 Sheppard Ave E Parking Garage
Paid parking is available at Green P Lot 418

Frequently Asked Questions

When to enroll for which term?

Our official school term commences on the day following Labour Day and extends until the end of June, offering late enrollment throughout the year to provide flexibility for your start date. We strongly recommend students who wish to participate in our performance to be enrolled by the start of October to secure priority assignment for performance roles. The cut-off date for registration to be eligible for participation in the show is the final day of December, while the last opportunity for registration with a start date in the school term is the last day of February.

Our summer term officially starts on the day after Canada Day and runs through the end of August, with an option for late enrollment throughout the summer to enable flexibility in choosing your start date. Please note that no performance roles are assigned during the summer term.

If you're interested in registering for both the school and summer terms, simply select 'Full Term' as your program end date during checkout.

Adults enrolled in programs that do not participate in the showcase are welcome to register at any time throughout the year, as these programs operate year-round on a monthly subscription basis (billing varies based on the number of classes per month). Ongoing adults program subscriptions may be paused (for one or more months) or cancelled at any time. Adult students have the option to partake in our open class, designed for family and friends, which takes place once a year at the end of June.

How is the student's program placement determined?

Students aged 12 to 17, as well as adults enrolling in programs participating in the showcase, are required to attend an evaluation class before receiving their program placement. You can select your evaluation date during checkout. If you're not ready to commit to your chosen program immediately after your evaluation class, simply indicate at checkout that you're only interested in taking an evaluation class for now. We will follow up with you regarding your program placement after your evaluation class.

Students aged 3 to 11, and adults enrolling in programs that do not perform in the showcase, aren't required to undertake an evaluation class and may register in their desired program choice, based on their age and desired program objectives. We recommend that students attend a trial class to familiarize themselves with the class structure and environment. You can select your trial class date during checkout. If you're not ready to commit to your program directly after your trial class, please indicate at checkout that you're only interested in taking a trial class at this time. We advise students to enroll based on the age that the student will be at the start of their program. Students will move on to the next age-based program at the end of their term (similar to to elementary school).

For our youngest students aged 3 to 6, parents are provided with a one-month trial period during which they can receive a full refund (excluding classes already attended) if the student experiences difficulty adjusting to the program. We advise students to enroll based on the age that the student will be at the start of their program. Students will move on to the next age-based program at the end of their term (similar to to elementary school).

Please be aware that some programs do not permit level advancement and are strictly for recreational purposes. These programs do not meet the minimum hours required to receive level certification or prepare for a showcase. These are intended solely for students who wish to explore ballet without the pressures associated with level advancement and performance.

Will the student perform in the showcase?

Students aged 7 and up may be eligible to perform in the showcase.

We strongly recommend that students wishing to perform enroll by the start of October to secure priority assignment for roles in the showcase. The enrolment cut-off date for students to be considered eligible to perform in the show is the last day of December.

There are no showcase placements during the summer term.

Please be aware that not all programs permit students to perform in the show.

Do you offer program financing?

We understand that our dancers may desire more flexible payment options to enroll in our programs. To support our dancers, we've partnered with Affirm, a trusted financial services company known for its 'buy now, pay later' financing plans which offers customers manageable payment solutions. Affirm is the chosen payment partner for large corporations such as Apple, Amazon, and Peloton.

To get started with Affirm, simply select it as your preferred payment method at checkout and create your profile. You can then choose your payment plan: Affirm offers the option of four interest-free payments, or monthly financing with 0-31.99% APR, based on provincial regulations. Rest assured, setting up a profile with Affirm will not impact your credit score.

For step by step instructions on checking out with Affirm, see our instruction guide.

To learn more about Affirm and how their 'buy now, pay later' plan works, please visit their website for more information.

Why is ballet a commitment?

Ballet is a harmonious blend of art form and sport, requiring diligent and consistent training over time to cultivate technique, expressiveness, musicality, and muscle tone. As a commitment to reaching program objectives, students enrolled in programs with a specific term end date are encouraged to dedicate themselves to their program through to the term's end.

Financial commitment is as crucial as your physical dedication to the program. Please be aware that non-attendance does not qualify you for refunds or adjustments to program costs. This includes situations such as conflicting extracurriculars, vacations, moving homes, holidays outside of school closure or student absences. Financial adjustments such as refunds or store credit are only provided in the case of medical impairment or an act of God. Kindly refer to our terms of service for a more detailed understanding of our refund policy.

For students enrolled in programs involving private training with a specific term end date, please note that you are committing to your time slot for the duration of your program term. This is important for effectively managing studio and instructor schedules. Even if you discontinue your classes, you are still financially responsible for them.

We understand and celebrate the uniqueness of every dancer, acknowledging that each individual develops at their own pace. Therefore, while we strive to assist every student in achieving their goals, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes such as dancing en pointe or performing a certain number of dances in the showcase. This is particularly true for dancers who have experienced previous muscle or bone injuries or are above the age of 18. However, please know we are an inclusive community, striving to support all dancers in their journey to learn and embrace the art of ballet, irrespective of their physical condition.

We understand the sensitivity of these topics, and our aim is to provide clarity and transparency to support your ballet journey. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to this beautiful art form.

What is your holiday schedule?

Term Start & End Dates School
Term - Day after Labour Day to June 30
Summer Term - July 5 to August 31

Holiday Schedule
Fall Break: September 1 - Labour Day (inclusive)
Thanksgiving (Canada)
Winter Break: December 20 - January 2 (inclusive)
Family Day
Good Friday
Victoria Day
Summer Break: Day after Showcase - Canada Day (inclusive)
Civic Holiday

Are there additional costs throughout the program?

Students performing in the showcase may encounter additional costume fees, in addition to the costume fee they paid upon enrollment, at the beginning of March for each additional role they undertake in the showcase.

These costumes are custom-made for each student and may be kept at the end of the term. Costume fees can vary between C$180-260 per costume, dependent on the complexity of the design and type of materials used. Costume rentals may be available at a cost of C$50 each, which may necessitate extra fees for alterations.

Please note that as students naturally grow and change throughout their program, there might be additional alteration fees closer to the performance date to ensure the perfect fit.